Stephen Schwartz


Daughter Of The Arts is proud to include in our tribute to Ofra Haza, accolades from the
Academy Award winning composer Stephen Schwartz.

The animated DreamWorks SKG film The Prince of Egypt, follows Moses from
the day when he is placed in a basket by his mother Yocheved when he was a
baby, plucked from the Nile by the Egyptian queen, to the day when he returns
from the mountain with the Ten Commandments.

As the singing voice of Yocheved, Ofra Haza was chosen to sing Deliver
Us, Goodbye Brother, and Cry, written by Mr. Schwartz for the
Academy Award winning, Grammy and Golden Globe nominated film.

Mr. Schwartz’s contributions to the world of film and stage have included
music for the Broadway play and feature film GODSPELL, lyrics to the Broadway
musical RAGS, music for PIPPIN, the animated films The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
Pocahontas, Disney TV’s Geppetto, and the currently running, Tony winning
Broadway musical Wicked.

Mr. Schwartz graciously took time from his busy schedule to share his personal
comments about working with Ofra Haza during the recording session on the film,
The Prince of Egypt.

Ofra Haza was one of the great artists it’s been my
privilege to work with, and I considered it our enormous good fortune
that she consented to lend her talents and her passion to THE PRINCE OF
EGYPT. In her magnificent voice and her beautiful soul, she embodied
the beauty, mystery, heartbreak and joy of the Middle East to me.
Others could have sung the notes, of course, but no one else in the
world could have brought the kind of depth that Ofra did. Add to this
that she was always entirely easy to work with, tireless, meticulous,
and unfailingly good-humored. What a beautiful person and citizen of
the world we have all lost in Ofra Haza.
Stephen Schwartz

You may learn more about Stephen Schwartz by visiting his website:

Photo Credit By: Joan Lauren

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