Meeting Ofra Haza – Part 3

by Connie Louise Katz

In January 2005, I choreographed the dance Flash Gordon, to Haza’s pop song by the same name. The dance premiered at Ramah Rikkudiah, 2005. When you listen to her singing, there is a little playfulness in her voice. The tempo is lively and generally the song is a departure from a serious endeavor. Bezalel Aloni wrote the lyrics and music. Within the song, is a fragment of a “Star Wars” tune. What a combination: you hear Ofra Haza singing “Flash Gordon,” in Hebrew, with a little “Star Wars” thrown in! I couldn’t resist it. Appropriately, I dedicated this dance to the real space heroes, astronauts.

I am very sad that the world has lost one of its greatest ambassadors of good will. There are numerous ongoing tributes to her worldwide, spreading her compassion and understanding through her songs. I am also sorry that Ofra Haza is not here to see the dances I choreographed to her songs.

During our 1991 interview, Haza told me:

“Sometimes – and it happens to everybody – something bad happens. So, I say, ‘Thank G-d it’s not worse,’ and I get over it and continue. I don’t get depressed and ask why. You have to go on, continue to see positive things for the future, not look back and be sorry; there’s no time for that.”

Hopefully, I have honored her by moving on, as she suggested, and creating something positive in her memory, and sharing it with everyone who loves her.

Continue reading the article “Desert Songbird,” about Ofra Haza, which appeared in Lifestyles Magazine in 1991. It is reprinted here by permission of Lifestyles and author Connie Louise Katz for presentation in Daughter of The Arts.

Dances and music mentioned in “Meeting Ofra Haza” may be found at the following link

Ofra Haza Singing “Fatamorgana” 
Israeli Dance Video Of Bnot Hamidbar
Ofra Haza Singing “Middle East
Israeli Dance Video Of Middle East
Ofra Haza Singing “Flash Gordon
Israeli Dance Video Of Flash Gordon

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