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During the last decade, the appeal of Israeli dance has grown and expanded in Israel , the United States and throughout the world. The spirit of warmth and exuberance generated through Israeli folk dance draws enthusiasts from all backgrounds and has made Israeli folk dance an integral part of the international folk dance repertoire as well. More and more people are experiencing the excitement of today’s Israeli folk dance activities and are eager to obtain more information about the background and development of the Israeli folk dance movement.


The Israeli Dance Institute, a comprehensive resource and information center, was established by Danny Uziel and Ruth Goodman to meet this need. IDI offers professional guidance to teachers, community leaders, performing groups and Israeli folk dance enthusiasts through the following services:

1. ROKDIM-NIRKODA magazine, a bilingual review of Israeli folk and Jewish dance news.

2. KESHER LEMACHOL, bi-monthly Clearinghouse Calendar of Israeli dance and related events.

3. WHERE TO DANCE directory of Israeli folk dance sessions and contacts.

4. ISRAELI FOLK DANCE INDEX, a comprehensive listing of Israeli dances (circle, couple, line and children’s) with choreographer, recording and video location.

5. DISTRIBUTION SERVICE of Israeli folk dance and related educational materials including the sale of recordings, books, dance notations and other resources

6. TEACHING MATERIALS for various age groups and for holiday programming.

7. COSTUME BANK offering Israeli folk dance costumes on a rental basis.

8. WORKSHOPS for dance in schools, dance in camp, and for incorporating Israeli dance into programming.


The activities of the Israeli Dance Institute provide a constant reaffirmation of identification with Israel and with Jewish roots, enhancing ties with Israel and among communities.

The Israeli Dance Institute is a non-profit educational organization and is totally funded through individual and organizational contributions.

For more information, contact:

Israeli Dance Institute, Inc.

JCRC-Suite 700, 70 West 36th Street

New York , NY 10018

(212) 983-4806, ext. 143/144

Fax: (212) 983-4084



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