Israeli Dance Institute Inc.

 ISRAELI DANCE INSTITUTE, INC. Resource and Information Center During the last decade, the appeal of Israeli dance has grown and expanded in Israel , the United States and throughout the world. The spirit of warmth and exuberance generated through Israeli folk dance draws enthusiasts from all backgrounds and has made Israeli folk dance an integral... Continue Reading →

Keshet Chaim

Keshet Chaim, “Rainbow of Life,” is a non-profit American-Israeli dance ensemble. The repertoire of Keshet Chaim is inspired by Jewish life from many lands. It spans a wide period of history, from the time of Solomon and Sheba to the present. One of Keshet Chaim’s missions is for global exposure of the spirit of Jewish... Continue Reading →

Moving Out of the Box

10 am to 6 pm Skirball Cultural Center Los Angeles , California Featuring DANI DASSA - RUTH GOODMAN IRIS VACHNOON COHEN - LORRAINE POSNER ARCUS   The Israeli Dance Institute and Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble are presenting a workshop in Los Angeles for Israeli dance teachers, arts specialists and Jewish educators.   The program will offer an... Continue Reading →

Meeting Ofra Haza – Part 3

by Connie Louise Katz In January 2005, I choreographed the dance Flash Gordon, to Haza’s pop song by the same name. The dance premiered at Ramah Rikkudiah, 2005. When you listen to her singing, there is a little playfulness in her voice. The tempo is lively and generally the song is a departure from a... Continue Reading →

Stephen Schwartz

  Daughter Of The Arts is proud to include in our tribute to Ofra Haza, accolades from the Academy Award winning composer Stephen Schwartz. The animated DreamWorks SKG film The Prince of Egypt, follows Moses from the day when he is placed in a basket by his mother Yocheved when he was a baby, plucked... Continue Reading →

Meeting Ofra Haza – Part 2

by Connie Louise Katz PART 2 In 2003, I created a dance to her song Middle East. Tensions in the region continued to be tenuous. Haza’s song, on her 1989 “Desert Wind” album, echoed the situation as if it were prophetic. She described the song: “The Jewish nation returned to its homeland after thousands of... Continue Reading →

Meeting Ofra Haza – Part 1

by Connie Louise Katz I met Ofra Haza in the spring of 1991 when I interviewed her for this magazine article. I found her to be a warm, friendly and passionate woman. I was excited to meet the woman whose songs and singing voice evoked such emotion and depth of soul. Haza gave me a... Continue Reading →

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