Ramah Rikkudiah Celebrates Silver Anniversary!

Founders and Camp directors Geri and Herb Bieber, Reuven and Natalie Stern, at the 25th Anniversary Rikkudiah Celebration at Ramah 2007 (Photo courtesy of Rene Smith) Geri and Herb Bieber and Natalie and Reuven Stern have nurtured and developed their labor of love, Ramah Rikkudiah. Nestled in the wooded landscape of California’s Ojai valley, Camp... Continue Reading →

Yaron Malichi

(photo by Alex Huber) Yaron Malichi brings his playful, passionate energy to Israeli folk dancing.  He creates lively, fun dances, as well as slow, smooth ones.  In this exclusive interview,  Daughter Of The Arts caught up with Yaron in the U.S.  He candidly shared with us some of his feelings about his commitment to his... Continue Reading →

Cindy Paley

Daughter Of The Arts chats with song leader, musical educator and performer Cindy Paley.  Cindy combines education and entertainment through her music, while teaching Jewish values, holidays and traditions to adults and children DOTA:  Where are you from originally? CP: I am a native of Los Angeles as well as a Valley Girl (San Fernando Valley).... Continue Reading →


Recording artist, composer/singer, teacher and cantor, Shirona, is exploring the many facets of her bi-cultural, and multi-dimensional art.Daughter Of The Arts chats with Shirona about many of her Israeli and Jewish pursuits in this exclusive feature interview. DOTA: Explain how your bi-cultural heritage had an effect on you? S:  Speaking both languages at an early age... Continue Reading →

Kobi Michaeli

  IN THIS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Daughter Of The Arts TALKS WITH ISRAELI FOLK DANCE CHOREOGAPHER KOBI MICHAELI ABOUT THE PROCESS OF CREATING HIS DANCES AND HIS DANCE EXPERIENCES. DOTA: What was your first experience with dancing? KM:  It was Israeli folk dancing, when I was about 10 years old. There was a dance teacher in the... Continue Reading →

Mali and Moshe

  Daughter Of The Arts is pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with Israeli Folk Dance (IFD) choreographers Mali and Moshe. In this candid interview, they reveal how their passion for dance, perseverance and dedication has enabled them to translate music into beautiful dances such as "Isha al Hachof" which was voted the #1... Continue Reading →

Judith Brin Ingber

Judith Brin Ingber in "Minush" Dancer, performer, writer and choreographer Judith Brin Ingber has experienced and performed within the rich dance spheres of ballet, tap, modern and Jewish and Israeli folk dance.  She has been privileged to hone her craft with such dance companies as Martha Graham, Inbal Dance Theatre, Batsheva and Bat-Dor. She expresses... Continue Reading →

Nili Glazer – Designing for Dancers

Versatile Nili Glazer designs and creates theater and show costumes for the Los Angeles Israeli Dance Ensemble Keshet Chaim, including several show groups in Copenhagen and in Israel, and the SIBA – Salzburg International Ballet Academy workshop. Her passion for her work and her ingenuity and natural talent, have led her to discover a world... Continue Reading →

Melanie and Harry Dankowicz

"Chanukiah" hand cut paper THE MAGNIFICENT ARTISTRY OF  MELANIE & HARRY DANKOWICZ Daughter Of The Arts brings you a special Chanukah treat. Melanie and Harry Dankowicz create elegant paper-cut sculptured dreidels and mezuzot, ketubot, invitations and paper-cut wall pieces for Chanukah, and other special occasions as well as commissioned pieces. They have also fused their... Continue Reading →

Carina Saslavsky

Photo:  Copyright Alex Huber Carina Saslavsky’s career has spanned the performing arts realms of repertoire ballet, professional acting, musical comedy and theater. She has performed with professional Israeli folk dance troupes, taught rikudim and created and taught her dances at Israeli folk dance camps. Daughter Of The Arts caught up with this delightful choreographer, performer,... Continue Reading →

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