Moshiko Halevy

Ramah Rikkudiah 2002 Moshiko (Moshe Itzchak-Halevy) has created more than 180 Israeli folk dances since 1959.  He is an award-winning dance choreographer. He has been a professional dancer with the Inbal Dance Company, a character dancer with The Ballet Company of Mia Arbatova, and created his own ensemble, The Hapaamonim Company. In addition, he has... Continue Reading →

David Edery

  Raised on dancing and Israeli folklore, Israeli folk dance choreographer and teacher David Edery has spent almost all of his life involved in nurturing and preserving the culture and treasure of Israeli Folk Dancing (IFD). He has supported and advanced awareness of IFD throughout the world. Daughter Of The Arts caught up with Mr.... Continue Reading →

Israel Yakovee

  In order to discover his sources of inspiration as well as his viewpoints on various musical and folk dance matters, Daughter Of The Arts spoke to Mr. Yakovee about the journey and process of his dance choreography as well as personal reflections and experiences in the music community. DOTA: Why did you first start choreographing... Continue Reading →

Elisete – Israel, Brazilian Style

Singer, composer Elisete writes lyrics for her songs from her awareness of the people and culture that surround her. She says that her song ‘Tipat Osher’ (a little joy) talks about her wish for a little happiness in Israel, the place she loves so much and about her hope for a better Middle East. She... Continue Reading →

Roberto Haddon

  Choreographer of Enigma, Shkarim and Beini Leveinech Roberto Haddon was born in the south part of England.  He has lived in Germany, the Netherlands and briefly on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.  He has traveled to many other countries including Israel and the U.S.   He shares with Daughter Of The Arts some of his experiences in... Continue Reading →

Karina Lambert and Dani Pustilnik

  Originally from Buenos Aires, teacher and choreographer Karina Lambert and her husband, dancer and performer Dani Pustilnik, share their insights about Israeli folk dancing. Karina and Dani now live in California. She leads a weekly Monday-evening, mostly-partner, Israeli folk dance session in Los Angeles. KARINA LAMBERT DOTA: Are any other members of your family interested... Continue Reading →

Avi Levy

  Through his dream of creating dances to the music he loves, Avi Levy has also discovered about life. DOTA: When did you first start dancing? AL: When I was young, I knew all the time I was going to be a dancer. It was one of my dreams actually, to be a teacher and to be a... Continue Reading →

David Klass – Art Meets Dance

  David Klass’ sculptural work encompasses human figures, animal figures and Judaic creations. Daughter Of The Arts brings you this exclusive glimpse of several of his special creations. DOTA: Where are you from originally? As a youngster, when were you first interested in art and design? DK: I was born in Washington DC and grew up in... Continue Reading →

Eytan Avisar

  For more than twenty years, Eytan Avisar has been the creative dynamo behind Keshet Chaim "Rainbow of Live.” Through its programs, the ensemble of dancers has entertained, educated and brought down barriers of intolerance, ignorance and prejudice through the beauty and culture of Jewish and Israeli dance. DOTA: When and why did you decide to... Continue Reading →

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