Keshet Chaim

Keshet Chaim, “Rainbow of Life,” is a non-profit American-Israeli dance ensemble. The repertoire of Keshet Chaim is inspired by Jewish life from many lands. It spans a wide period of history, from the time of Solomon and Sheba to the present. One of Keshet Chaim’s missions is for global exposure of the spirit of Jewish... Continue Reading →

Eytan Avisar

  For more than twenty years, Eytan Avisar has been the creative dynamo behind Keshet Chaim "Rainbow of Live.” Through its programs, the ensemble of dancers has entertained, educated and brought down barriers of intolerance, ignorance and prejudice through the beauty and culture of Jewish and Israeli dance. DOTA: When and why did you decide to... Continue Reading →

Genie Benson

  Becoming administrator for Keshet Chaim was a natural undertaking for Genie Benson. She came to the position with a diverse dance background that included Israeli folk dancing. Working with Keshet Chaim enabled her to offer the ensemble wider exposure opportunities as well as connections into the educational community. DOTA: Why did you join Keshet Chaim... Continue Reading →

Meir Shem-Tov

  Meir Shem-Tov is celebrating 30 years as an Israeli Folk Dance choreographer and teacher. Although he favors “old-fashioned” style music, his versatility allows him to adapt to many musical genres from Chasidic (“Habaal Shem Tov” 2003) to Moroccan (“Marhaba Bikum” 2003) to Turkish (“Neshikat Turkit” - Turkish Kiss 1997) to Latino (“ Mueve, Mueve”... Continue Reading →

Moving Out of the Box

10 am to 6 pm Skirball Cultural Center Los Angeles , California Featuring DANI DASSA - RUTH GOODMAN IRIS VACHNOON COHEN - LORRAINE POSNER ARCUS   The Israeli Dance Institute and Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble are presenting a workshop in Los Angeles for Israeli dance teachers, arts specialists and Jewish educators.   The program will offer an... Continue Reading →

Dani Dassa

  Known for such classic dances as “Joshua,” “Lach Yerushalayim,” “ Ashrei Ha ish,” “Rachel,” and more than 70 others, master teacher and choreographer Dani Dassa shares memories and anecdotes from his creative inspirations. DOTA: The Israeli folk dance community enjoys so many of your classic dances. One of these is “Joshua.” Describe the development of... Continue Reading →

Eyal Eliyahu

Eyal Eliyahu has charmed dancers with his rhythmic, energetic dances such as “Yakalelo,” and “Ya’eni Huna.” He shares a candid moment, reflecting on his creative approach to choreography . DOTA: What was your first time at Israeli Folk Dancing? EE: The first time I danced was at the age of 14. In the school where I studied... Continue Reading →

Ruth Goodman

  Ruth Goodman caught Israeli Dance fever as a youngster. Through her extensive experience as a dancer and teacher, she continues to be dedicated to bridging communication between Jewish and non-Jewish communities through Jewish and Israeli folk dancing. DOTA: What was your first experience with dance? RG: My first dance experiences were as a very young child... Continue Reading →

Yankele Levy

  Yaacov ( Yankele ) Levy, was born in Jerusalem to a traditional Yemenite family. He has been involved with education, specializing in working with disturbed children. For about 9 years he directed a trade school for disturbed and retarded teenagers, in the Haifa area. His more than 80 dances (see list below) were translated... Continue Reading →

Meeting Ofra Haza – Part 3

by Connie Louise Katz In January 2005, I choreographed the dance Flash Gordon, to Haza’s pop song by the same name. The dance premiered at Ramah Rikkudiah, 2005. When you listen to her singing, there is a little playfulness in her voice. The tempo is lively and generally the song is a departure from a... Continue Reading →

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