Mali and Moshe

  Daughter Of The Arts is pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with Israeli Folk Dance (IFD) choreographers Mali and Moshe. In this candid interview, they reveal how their passion for dance, perseverance and dedication has enabled them to translate music into beautiful dances such as "Isha al Hachof" which was voted the #1... Continue Reading →

Melanie and Harry Dankowicz

"Chanukiah" hand cut paper THE MAGNIFICENT ARTISTRY OF  MELANIE & HARRY DANKOWICZ Daughter Of The Arts brings you a special Chanukah treat. Melanie and Harry Dankowicz create elegant paper-cut sculptured dreidels and mezuzot, ketubot, invitations and paper-cut wall pieces for Chanukah, and other special occasions as well as commissioned pieces. They have also fused their... Continue Reading →

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