Genie Benson

  Becoming administrator for Keshet Chaim was a natural undertaking for Genie Benson. She came to the position with a diverse dance background that included Israeli folk dancing. Working with Keshet Chaim enabled her to offer the ensemble wider exposure opportunities as well as connections into the educational community. DOTA: Why did you join Keshet Chaim... Continue Reading →

Moving Out of the Box

10 am to 6 pm Skirball Cultural Center Los Angeles , California Featuring DANI DASSA - RUTH GOODMAN IRIS VACHNOON COHEN - LORRAINE POSNER ARCUS   The Israeli Dance Institute and Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble are presenting a workshop in Los Angeles for Israeli dance teachers, arts specialists and Jewish educators.   The program will offer an... Continue Reading →

Dani Dassa

  Known for such classic dances as “Joshua,” “Lach Yerushalayim,” “ Ashrei Ha ish,” “Rachel,” and more than 70 others, master teacher and choreographer Dani Dassa shares memories and anecdotes from his creative inspirations. DOTA: The Israeli folk dance community enjoys so many of your classic dances. One of these is “Joshua.” Describe the development of... Continue Reading →

Ruth Goodman

  Ruth Goodman caught Israeli Dance fever as a youngster. Through her extensive experience as a dancer and teacher, she continues to be dedicated to bridging communication between Jewish and non-Jewish communities through Jewish and Israeli folk dancing. DOTA: What was your first experience with dance? RG: My first dance experiences were as a very young child... Continue Reading →

Meeting Ofra Haza – Part 1

by Connie Louise Katz I met Ofra Haza in the spring of 1991 when I interviewed her for this magazine article. I found her to be a warm, friendly and passionate woman. I was excited to meet the woman whose songs and singing voice evoked such emotion and depth of soul. Haza gave me a... Continue Reading →

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