Judith Brin Ingber

Judith Brin Ingber in "Minush" Dancer, performer, writer and choreographer Judith Brin Ingber has experienced and performed within the rich dance spheres of ballet, tap, modern and Jewish and Israeli folk dance.  She has been privileged to hone her craft with such dance companies as Martha Graham, Inbal Dance Theatre, Batsheva and Bat-Dor. She expresses... Continue Reading →

David Klass – Art Meets Dance

  David Klass’ sculptural work encompasses human figures, animal figures and Judaic creations. Daughter Of The Arts brings you this exclusive glimpse of several of his special creations. DOTA: Where are you from originally? As a youngster, when were you first interested in art and design? DK: I was born in Washington DC and grew up in... Continue Reading →

Stephen Schwartz

  Daughter Of The Arts is proud to include in our tribute to Ofra Haza, accolades from the Academy Award winning composer Stephen Schwartz. The animated DreamWorks SKG film The Prince of Egypt, follows Moses from the day when he is placed in a basket by his mother Yocheved when he was a baby, plucked... Continue Reading →

Meeting Ofra Haza – Part 2

by Connie Louise Katz PART 2 In 2003, I created a dance to her song Middle East. Tensions in the region continued to be tenuous. Haza’s song, on her 1989 “Desert Wind” album, echoed the situation as if it were prophetic. She described the song: “The Jewish nation returned to its homeland after thousands of... Continue Reading →

Shlomo Bachar

Daugther Of The Arts takes both a nostalgic and contemporary dance journey with Shlomo Bachar. In keeping with our tribute to Ofra Haza, combined with a celebration of Passover, Daugther Of The Arts talked to Mr. Bachar about his dances Shir Hashirim and Tfila both songs sung by Haza. He shared not only his comments... Continue Reading →

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